Tack Consultants provide unique made to order electronic circuit design solutions, providing enhanced testing features, allowing for improved monitoring & efficient control capabilities.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services, offering custom electronics development services and top of the range hardware design that provide cost-effective, optimised solutions for testing, monitoring, and control applications ranging from small to high capacity systems.

2To achieve robust circuit design boards and modules, we use sophisticated software tools for graphic capture, replication, and design with embedded processors. Our prototype circuit designs are thoroughly tested before building for optimal space, cost and functionality.

Our electronic circuit solutions are designed for circuits and modules using:

  • Signal conditioning specialisation for the scalability of each channel based on size & cost.
  • Electrical power usage & quality monitoring.
  • Quality control & observation.
  • Signal connectivity specialised for scalable large channel counts.

We work with all our clients in order to create the specific measurement systems needed by understanding the requirements and defining system specifications.  With this information, we in turn use leading hardware on the market and advanced embedded software to create prototypes, construct, and verify a system that achieves the clients’ initial visualisation.

Tack Consultants recognises the importance of understanding our clients’ requests and take time to ensure they are met. We can design custom electronics instrumentation to eliminate having to calculate difficult measurements, with advanced PC/PLC integration in order to boost productivity and gather performance data.